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Birthday Fun

Hey all!

Sorry for the late notice, but tomorrow (Dec. 13th) is my birthday. I am going to have dinner at Provino's on Holcomb Bridge Road (near StarTime) from about 6:30-8:30 and then will be going swing dancing at the 57th Fighter Group on Clairmont Road starting around 9 p.m. If you feel so inclined, please come out and join the fun!


Post Disney post to come later
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Happy B-Day!! Wish I could make it but am pre- planned. WOuld especially love to go to the swing dancing!!

Tomorrow is snarkbeaboojum's office christmas party. So we kinda have to attend. But Happy Birthday anyway!

Sorry I can't be there but have a wonderful birthday.
I will be there.

Hope to see you tonight!
I'm sorry I'll have to miss it, being so far away. But Happy (early) Birthday!
Happy birthday!!! :)
Happy Birthday, Ma'am!
Happy Birthday!
Got a Thrashers game tomorrow. Maybe I can swing by later at the 57th.
Sounds like fun, Sadly I can't make it. Happy Birthday though. Hope its a good its a good one
Happy Birthday and God bless =)