Ariel (thetempestchic) wrote,

yay for the weekend!

So, it was a very good but very tiring weekend. I was so happy to play the dance at KG and actually have dancers, and get to play the music while they danced (instead of teaching/calling while they danced). The game was fun too. I hadn't played KG in a while (since April) and I forgot how much I really enjoy it. Plot rocked, MT rocked, Tavern rocked, and the players (new and old) really rocked out too. I can't wait for the next game. I think this was one of the best ever. Sorry I never got post mortem on Dragoncon or Piratepalooza out. Dragoncon was fun. I really enjoy techops, as of right now it looks like I will be night managing for Morning Bob next year. Piratepalooza was fun. You can find pictures if you search for it on

I had to by a new phone today. My old one went the way of the dodo. It was really sucky how it happened. But between my completely awesome boyfriend and my wonderful roommate, I made it through the stress of spending money I didn't have on a phone I didn't like.

I go in for my oral surgery this Thursday at 8 a.m. Please keep me in your prayers and positive thoughts. I know everything will be cool but I am still nervous. Four wisdom teeth, two broken molars anda baby tooth is a lot of work to have done all at once. I'll let everyone know how it turns out when I get out.

Gotta run to improv. We are getting ready for two shows in november. Woot!

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