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Long and long overdue post

So today was a polished agate in the immense sea of gravel that is my work. The kids were remarkably well behaved, my non potty trained student stayed dry most of the day (though I did have to bring him to the bathroom every 15 minutes) and when my director had to make my job very difficult this afternoon to meet ratios, she brought me a coke and a snack for my troubles. Things are not great and I still need to make more money and benifits but it is nice to know that I am appreciated. She also greeted me with "Hey Ariel, I made coffee! I wish I had a doughnut to give you". It was nice.

I will be working Dragoncon this year. New faction though. I am now working as a part of Tech-ops in the Hilton. Trying to figure out if I wantto do costumes or not and if so what.

I now have most of the money saved up for the down payment of my oral surgery. It's only a third of the cost, but it's something. The surgey is scheduled for the 5th of October, but I am hoping to find a dentists office with a comprable price that can do it sooner.

I am still looking for a new job. Something that pays at least a little more than I am making now with benefits. Preferrably something along the lines of a receptionist or admin. assistant. After my last interview (of which the interview itself went very well, but where I didn't do well enough on the Excel test) I am also working on learning all there is to know about Excel and Access and quickly too. Hopefully the perfect job will come along soon. I am sad my last interview didn't work out. It seemed so perfect.

TenPenny is playing the Summer Shade Concert at Grant Park on August 25th. I will confirm date and give a time once I find the email.

Lastly, I am goiong Contra dancing tomorrow. I am so excited. I have been too busy to do any dancing and my physique is suffering. I have lost some weight but still need to lose much more.

Now if onoly the cleaning fairy would come visit my apartment....oh well...if wishes were horses and all that jazz.

Due to the request of one or two individuals I will endeavor to post more often. Kick me if I don't.

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