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D*Con is alomst here........

Every year I promise myself that I will do less and enjoy the con more and every year I end up doing more. This year I have moved from Info Services to TechOps. I am also in 3 shows (as follows) during the con:
~Friday Night- The Adventures of Brave Ragnar (radio theatre with ARTC)
~Sunday night- The Monty Python Experience ( a Monty Python inspired improv show with my troupe Mr.Friskett)
~Monday afternoon- Creation is a Circle (s show following the evolution of the Science Fiction writer starting in the 30's and ending present day with MRAP. It isn't as slapstick funny as past MRAP shows but it is very intellectually funny)

Anyhow, I wish I were more prepared. I haven't decided on any costumes yet and don't really have time to make any from scratch on such short notice, but I have huge amounts of old ones. I cannot decide what I should go as.I can probably pull together something simple ifI don't already have it. ANy ideas? Opinions? Bueller?

Ok. At least I cna *try* to get my room done before then.

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