Ariel (thetempestchic) wrote,

The Buzz about Bugs

Thanks to everyone who replied to my last post with best wishes and sympathy. It was not my day for bug encounters. I had another dangerous encounter on the way home....but this one was really funny once over.

So I was driving home from work yesterday with the windows open (my AC doesn't work). About a mile from work down a little back road, I saw something small hit my rear view mirror on the drivers side of my vehicle and and fall between my legs. I look down and there is a slightly stunned yellow jacket (or hornet or something of that sort) flailing on its back between my legs. I shift to give it room to fly off, but I guess it was too stunned because it fell under my legs and my tush. At this point I raise my rear off the seat (which has me driving with only my shoulders on the drivers seat) while I try to find a place to pull over and shoo the stingy bug out of my SUV. I finally find a church front I can pull into. I pull in sideways, completely blocking the entrance, and it takes me three tries to get all the way off the road. I am really scared at this point because there is a angry sharp conscious bug somewhere between me and my seat and I can't see it. Once I get the car off the road I quickly open the door and step out of the car.....just in time to realize, in my haste, that I didn't put my car in park. I am now one foot in and one foot out of a moving SUV trying to avoid being pulled off balance onto the bug, trying to put the car in park.

I finally got the car in park and carefully swept the bug out of the car and drove home.

Sometimes I wish I had a camera crew following me around to catch moments like this. I could send it into American's Funniest Home Videos.

I prefer it to the spider though. :)
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